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Compulsory reading on #digitaltransformation for my team: Transform, by @gerrymcgovern

— Marcus Ferbrache (@marcusferbrache) November 18, 2016

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Are you an optimist? Are you a rebel? Do you think that because of digital technology, power is shifting away from organizations towards citizens and customers? Are you a digital change agent? Do you want to transform your organization? Then this book is here to help you.

Do you want to transform the complex into the simple? Do you like challenges and see yourself primarily as a problem solver? Are you the annoying person who constantly asks: “Why?” Are you empathetic? Do you like to listen, watch, observe? Are you also rational? Are you willing to go with the evidence and data, even when it goes against your gut instinct?

Transform is for customer champions and advocates because the essence of digital transformation is about moving from organization-centric to customer-centric. Power has shifted. Customers are much more powerful today. Thus, becoming truly, obsessively customer-centric is the most radical, transformative thing you can do.

This is a book for those who are searching for a new model for how to fully embrace the opportunities that digital offers. Do you look at your organization and say: “Our model is broken. The way we do things around here, it’s just not working anymore.”

Transform is about a new customer-centric model of thinking and management. It offers a customer-centric philosophy and approach. It gives you the evidence for why the old model simply isn’t working anymore. It gives you a new management model which is founded in customer outcomes.

If you’ve been doing this customer-centricity stuff for a while, then you’ll know that your lot is not always an easy one. Yes, most organizations like to talk about customer-centricity, but they rarely practice what they preach. Because the old model of organization-centricity with its silos and its egos used to be much more comfortable and profitable. Until now.

The stuff in this book is risky—there’s no point in pretending otherwise. It’s about a new model. The old model—the old hierarchy—will not roll over easily. There will be resistance, and unfortunately the most dangerous element of that resistance is likely to come from senior management. Because old model senior management is over-rated, over-paid and underperforming when it comes to leading the necessary transformation that must occur.

I met David Shaw around 2009 when he was editor for the Scottish Enterprise website. (An organization focused on supporting Scottish entrepreneurs.) Like many other website managers, he was frustrated with his job. He told me about how different it was to his previous job as editor manager of Scottish Fishing Weekly, a very successful print magazine. When he was editor there, he was four days of the week on the road. He was out with the fishermen and only came into the office on Fridays. He knew his audience inside out and focused relentlessly on the issues that were important to them.

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The Event Organisers Summit brings together senior event professionals and the suppliers who service them. This is where business is created and new relationships are built.
Date : 15 16October 2018 Venue : SOFITEL LONDON HEATHROW
Book Now
A highly focused event that brings together meeting and event professionals and key industry solution providers, the Summit consists of one-to-one business meetings, interactive seminars and valuable networking opportunities; in less than two days!
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The Event Organisers Summit is a highly focused event that brings together conference and event…

read more

The Event Organisers Summit is a highly focused event that brings together event…

read more

The Event Organisers Summit is held at the Sofitel London Heathrow…

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‘The Summit was a breath of fresh air. The format of pre-arranged meetings is incredibly powerful. An exceptionally well organised event that I will certainly be going to again.’

Club Row Med

‘A very well organised event; throughout I felt very well catered for.’

Royal College of Midwives

‘The Summit has exceeded all our expectations; the quality of delegates was fantastic.’

Corporate Event Services

‘The seminars and meetings provided excellent event industry insight.’

‘A great event, especially with independent venues, as it would be difficult to gain face to face appointments with some clients.’

Bolton Whites Hotel

‘I met more companies in 36 hours than I could have scheduled in two months.’


‘Great concept and powerful face to face meetings.’

TeamTogs Ltd

‘I have been very impressed by the organisation of the event; we don’t waste our time as the itinerary is perfectly organised. Congratulations to the team who organised the Summit.’

He’s healed the sick and raised the dead. He helped quell the riots in Los Angeles that followed the acquittals of police officers in connection with the beating of Rodney King. He loves people of all races and religions, and he had a seat at the table for international peace talks.

All this despite his history of hate speech, racist Facebook posts and general derision for African-Americans and Muslims. All this, despite his own secrets.

And now, as he paces across the stage at the Pope’s House, Johnson shines, mic in hand, full of passion.

Half of the crowd is focused on Johnson; the other half is interested in beer and the buffet. Johnson’s wife, Rebecca, scans the scene. She spots us.

The church does great work, she says. The Pope is a great man. Why would journalists be skeptical and ask questions?

She points us to the door.

“We know what you’re going to do,” she says. “And you’re going to have blood on your hands. I’m telling you now, it’s the word of the Lord.”

On election night 2016, Johnson reveled in his victory ,grinningbeneath the glow of a neon beer sign at a favorite local haunt near the church.

Inside T.K.’s Pub, dozens of his friends and supporters crowded up to the bar. This was a big night for Republicans. And it was a huge night, the capstone of a wild political season, for the Pope of Bullitt County.

What led Johnson to dive into politics is anyone’s guess. But in recent years, he had begun to assert himself in right-wing and libertarian circles. He talked freedom and liberty with the same fervor he preached about heaven and hell.

In 2014, he cradled an AK-47 his “favorite anti-mean government gun” in Designer Missguided Silver Embellished Stripe Wrap Mini Dress Best Store To Get Sale Online lLUNq6gl

“Jesus taught us to be armed,” said Johnson. “The real reason for our Second Amendment rights is that we have a gun to keep a mean-spirited government off of us. If they go crazy, we gotta have something to be crazier with.”

He was talking about making America great again before presidential candidate Donald Trump made the phrase his own.

“America is great and it needs to be restored to its greatness,” Johnson said during Name it Mini Floral Printed Sweat Dress Women Grey Clearance 2018 Cheap Sale Top Quality Cheap Sale Choice Free Shipping Official Site syEue63
organized by the arch-conservative, anti-Muslim group Freedom Watch.

At the rally, he was introduced as “Bishop” Dan Johnson and gave the invocation wearing a black suit and a white priest’s collar.

Johnson touted the Tea Party, recounted his heroic role in 9/11 and urged elected officials to “get on their knees, not to Allah, but to God Almighty."

Fast forward to July 2016. Jennifer Stepp had won the May Republican primary for Kentucky’s 49th District seat. But a former county jailer filed a lawsuit questioning her candidacy papers, and a judge declared Stepp ineligible.

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Knight Writing Institute

On This Page

» Little Mistress Applique Mini Dress Clearance Store Online Geniue Stockist Sale Online Discount In China Outlet How Much Outlet Many Kinds Of oJeG7YkiX
» FWS Ballot Submission


Students should aim to satisfy their First-Year Writing Seminar requirement during their first year. Balloting for FWSs is open only to freshmen, sophomores, and first-semester transfer students; juniors and seniors are not eligible to enroll in First-Year Writing Seminars, neither by ballot nor through electronic add/drop.

The FWS electronic ballot can beaccessed by clicking .

Those without a NetID may view current FWS offeringsby clicking .

Transfer students : English 2880-2890 , a cluster of writing courses for sophomores, juniors, and seniors, may fulfill a First-Year Writing Seminar requirement for those who need it. Students enroll for these sections through Student Center.

Important Dates

Ballot Submission Details

To enroll in a First-Year Writing Seminar, click (during a submission period) and select five (5) choices for your ballot. There will be pull-down pick-lists sorted by Department and by Day/Time.

The ballot does not operate on a first-come, first-served basis. During the submission period, you may enter a ballot at any time, or change your ballot as many times as you like.Only the last submission will count when the submission period closes.

If you submit a ballot and then decide to cancel your ballot submission, please delete your ballot.


If you do not submit a ballot, you may add aFWS beginning atthe start of the add/drop period.

If You Are Unable to Enter a Ballot

Matriculated Students: If you are or will be a matriculated freshman, sophomore, or first-semester transfer student in one of the seven undergraduate colleges/schools at Cornell, but the system does not recognize your NetID, e-mail Donna Newton (dlo1) no later than 4pm on the last day of the submission period (you may be in the University's system, but not in the locally-kept database). Be sure to include your NetID (Cornell email address), CUID (7-digit number), Class (freshman, sophomore, or transfer student), and College.

Continuing Education Students: Extramural students must receive permission from the Knight Institute to add a First-Year Writing Seminar starting August 23rd, at the Office of Continuing Education, B20 Day Hall.

Electronic Add/Drop for First-Year Writing Seminars

FWS Add/Drop enrollment must be done electronically through Student Center. Neither instructors nor registrars can approve additional enrollment into any First-Year Writing Seminar. Caps on enrollment cannot be lifted. There are no wait-lists or forms to sign; do not ask an instructor about adding a seminar. Instructors will not allow any student not on the roster to sit in on a First-Year Writing Seminar.

To find open First-Year Writing Seminars during the Add/Drop period:

A First-Year Writing Seminar is open ONLY if it appears in this list. Check frequently, because the list can change.

July 3, 2018.





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