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10 July 2018

Retail depositors at VBS Mutual Bank are being migrated to Nedbank so they have access to more of their money while the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) assesses the extent of financial loss at VBS.

SARB announced on Monday that, following discussions with National Treasury, government has provided a guarantee to the SARB to facilitate the repayment of all VBS retail deposits up to R100,000 per retail depositor, starting from Friday, 13 July 2018.

Retail deposits are defined as deposits in VBS by individuals, burial societies, stokvels and savings clubs – collectively referred to as retail depositors. The guarantee does not cover municipal or corporate deposits.

This means that depositors who banked with VBS will now be able to access double the initial amount given when VBS was placed under curatorship in March.

To facilitate the new guarantees and give depositors access to the funds, SARB has selected Nedbank to take over the accounts. Nedbank was chosen for its accessibility and speed of paying out – but also because it offers similar products as VBS, so depositors can also choose to leave their funds with Nedbank.

Depositors will have to go to a Nedbank branch with all the required documentation to open a new account, as the banking group will have to open an account for each depositor. Individuals will get a Nedbank card, which they can transact with – but stokvels, burial societies and savings clubs will have to transact at branches.

“Retail depositors’ funds in their new Nedbank accounts will be secure and accessible for up to three years, and there should be no rush for people to withdraw their funds,” SARB said.

“It is estimated that about 97% of the 22,700 VBS retail depositors will receive all of their money. We are mindful that some retail depositors have larger amounts deposited in VBS. Together with the Curator, the SARB and Prudential Authority will continue to work towards recovering as much money owed to VBS as possible.”

Forensic investigation

Meanwhile, the investigation into the financial crisis at VBS continues, SARB said.

It was found that the group’s latest financial statements have not shown an accurate picture of what’s been going on at the bank, and until these have been investigated and restated, “it is difficult to assess the amount of monies that may be recovered and what proportion of other depositors’ funds is likely to be recovered”.

Weekend reports, however, have given more insight into the extent of the damages done.

The City Press reported that over R1.5 billion was looted from VBS by its own executives and directors, revealing this past weekend how it was accomplished.

According to the paper, citing affidavits submitted by employees in the ongoing investigation, it is allegedthat the bank’s directors manually entered fake deposits into its systems, drawing the non-existent money to bribe officials and allow its directors to buy companies.

Cloud Mining Blog
All about Cloud Mining: HashFlare, CCG Mining, Nuvoo Mining, Genesis Mining
Posted On December 5, 2017

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Master Your Productivity. Master Your Life.

Transform Your Life By Transforming YourHabits


Where you are in your life is a result of your habits. Will Durant (not Aristotle) said it best:

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but ahabit.”

I think that’s also true for the opposite of excellence. Mediocrity is a result of mediocre habits.

That means we can go from mediocrity to excellence by changing our habits.

But how do you do that? Before we get into that, I want to clarify my statement: Habits change your life, but they do not guarantee success.

Because that’s what “the habits of millionaires” type of articles and books tell us. We get it, Elon Musk sleeps 2 hours a day and eats Cheerios for dinner—or something like that.

But what the writers of those type of moronic articles hide from you, the reader, Amazon Cheap Online ASOS ASOS DESIGN Petite denim pelmet skirt in lightwash Pick A Best Cheap Online With Mastercard For Sale 2018 New Sale Online Marketable Sale Online mZ7lH8BUy1

Waking up early, working hard, and taking cold showers do not cause success. No one illustrates that point better than Nassim Taleb, who wrote this in Fooled By Randomness :

“Hard work, showing up on time, wearing a clean (preferably white) shirt, using deodorant, and some such conventional things contribute to success—they are certainly necessary but may be insufficient as they do not cause success.”

So when I talk about habits, I don’t talk about outcomes. I talk about changing our actual behavior so that it improves the quality of our lives.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, here’s my four-step process for making life-changing habits stick.

Step 1: Decide what habits are worthit

Look, I can talk to you about the habits that have changed my life habits all day long, but that’s not helpful. The reason is that only YOU can decide what a good habit is.

Deciding if a habit isworth it to youis critical to forming new habits. Too often we hear about something, and we think: “I should do that!”

Really? Should I wake up an hour earlier? Should I take cold showers? Should I eat like a cave person? Should I run every day?

Maybe waking up early is actually helpful to you. I don’t know. When I wake up early, I behave like a grumpy old man who hates people—that deteriorates the quality of my life.

Hence, I don’t wake up very early (7 AM or earlier) no matter how many people tell me it will make me successful.

Just ask yourself this:

“Will habit x improve the quality of my life?”

The reason you want to ask yourself that question is that we all need a reason to change. We need something that’s bigger than superficial reasons.

“I want to read one book a week,” you might say. Why? So you can do what? What’s your vision? What are your goals?

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